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Wen Pictures Singapore

Behind the Lens

I am a documentary photographer based in Singapore, and my work has taken me to China, Indonesia and many other countries. Known as “Wen”, my photographs are visual treasures prized by clients.


By winning several awards, such as 2007 National Geographic Worldwide Photography Competition “Best Story Telling Award”, 2008 Singapore NDP Photography Competition, 2012 AG-WPJA winner and more, I am also the featured photographer in Singapore’s most representative fashion magazine “Style” Magazine “.


After 4 years’ of photography career in advertising/commercial industry, my true calling of capturing people’s moments began to take over my spare time, I’ve decided to make the leap as a full-time documentary photographer seven years ago.

As a storyteller, I believe that there are beauties in every moment of life, and photojournalism is the tool to capture these beauties in their most natural form -- the most direct way to tell a story. A wedding is the ultimate story for two people in love. I know love when I see it, as I'm crazy in love with my wife Lucinda, who is also a great photographer and my business partner; and we love working with people who are in love. I consider every wedding photographed "the greatest love story ever told."


Every photograph is affectionately handcrafted by myself from start to end. From living the moment, taking the shot, post-editing, to the final presentation, this is the only way precious moments can be truly captured and re-lived.


After covering more than 500 weddings, the path in front of me starts being wider and wider, not only documenting weddings and making friends with the couples, I see every wedding as the beginning of a life-time story. I continue capturing the each story with the couples' pregnancy, the moment when the baby is born, their family trip, baby’s birthday and much more..


Photography is a big part of my daily life, with every stories I'm sharing, there is always a new story waiting for me to be told... 

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Tel: +65 8100 1623

Thank you! I'll get back to you request ASAP! :-)

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